Hamed  Sanei is a Research Scientist with Geological Survey of Canada (GSC). He received his Ph.D. (2005) in Environmental Geochemistry from the University of Victoria. Dr. Sanei‚Äôs research extends to a broad range of multidisciplinary science including geochemical characterizations of coal and its combustion products, the environmental impact of coal utilization and unconventional gas, and the deposition of mercury and trace elements in environment. His wide range of environmental research has made him a well-recognized advocate of sustainable development of energy and an innovative scientist who applies traditional coal and organic petrology science to new scientific areas. He is recognized internationally through his novel study on the characterization of organic matter in the environment, which has been instrumental in the emergence of a fast growing research which links the cycle of carbon to global pollutants, particularly mercury. His collaborative work with academic and government researchers have made a significant impact in the current understanding of global contaminants in the Canadian Arctic. Hamed Sanei is recognized through national and international scientific appointments including: (i) Editor of the International Journal of Coal Geology (Elsevier), (ii) Editor of the Energy Exploration & Exploitation (Multi-Science Publishing), (iii) President of The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP), (iv) the Convener of the Environmental Application by the International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology (ICCP), and (v) the Assistant Editor of the Canadian Society for Coal Science and Organic Petrology (CSCOP). Dr. Sanei was the co-chair of the Joint International Meeting hosted by CSCOP and held in Victoria, BC, Canada (August 19-25, 2007). He has been the guest editor of several special issues of the International Journal of Coal Geology and has authored number of peer-reviewed papers in major international journals. He is currently the scientific collaborator of the ArcticNet, the Potrok Aike Lake Sediment Archive Drilling Project (PASADO), and the Northern Contaminant Program (NCP). He was a recipient of A.R. Cameron Award by the Canadian Society for Coal Science and Organic Petrology (CSCOP) and the Merit Award by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

Hamed is an avid photographer and musician. Many of his photos from have appeared in publications such as the Calgary Herald, the Victoria Times-Colonist, the Ottawa Citizen and City Palate Magazine. He is also a guitarist and has since a young age played for diverse audiences at a number of different gigs, mostly charity functions and public festivals.