For the past year I have been fortunate to play with my friends and fellow musicians in a band called BushWash Beat. I would describe the sounds of BushWash Beat as world music performed uniquely in an acoustic setting to capture the live and improvisational interactions between the players. “The music of BushWah Beat involves harmonious conflict between the ancient and the modern; the traditional and the new.

There was no attempt to constrain this music to any particular category (e.g. folk, rock, jazz, ethnic, etc.), but it could in general be classified as "world" music because of the diverse ethnic influences and instrumentation. In fact, for the most part the music was not written per se; rather , it evolved from the friendship, common vision, and informal musical interactions between the players”.

The players in BushWash Beat "have very different musical backgrounds and experiences, but they almost immediately tuned into common themes, and have developed in different directions as musical directions have matured”. 

My friends in the band include: Jason Schnell, performing rhythmic acoustic guitar, which provides the melodic flavor of the music; Rick Robinson plays a minimalist jungle drum kit with a variety of styles to provide a rhythmic backbone; Robert C. Lee plays a unique drum kit consisting of a combination of traditional hand drums and percussion with modern drum set components to complement and expand upon the traditional kit; and Martin Oloriz plays his didgeridoos of both traditional and modern designs as tuned instruments in addition to the more typical drones and rhythms, and provides additional rhythmic elements and melodic colors using xylophone and guitar