Professional Eeperience and Participated Projects

Investigating the physical-geochemical aspects of the relationship between Hg and organic matter in recent lacustrine sediment using organic/inorganic geochemistry and organic petrology techniques.

Organic petrology and geochemistry of recent sediments from High Arctic Canada as related to mercury flux, climate change and its subsequent change in trophic status of the lakes.

The historical reconstruction of the organic productivity, climate change, anthropogenic activities in Pigeon Lake, Alberta.

Geochemistry of trace elements and assessment of the environmental impacts of Coal Bed Methane (CBM) exploration in Alberta as related to the nature of the coal bearing strata, produced water, & ground water

The geochemical study of the sediments and suspended matter in Mackenzie River (Northwest Territories, Canada) and its interconnected tributaries as related to geogenic input of Hg-rich coal/shale strata and carbon input into Beaufort Sea (in collaboration with University of Manitoba and ArcticNet).

Geochemistry of the Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in water, sediments, soil, coal, and particulate matter (Geochemical Tracing).

The direct measurement of mercury atmospheric deposition flux (mercury wet deposition) in central Alberta, northern Alberta, and Churchill, Manitoba using an automated precipitation collector.

Geochemical affinities of trace elements in sediments, coal, fly ash, and bottom ash samples using the sequential extraction scheme.

The mineralogy and geochemistry (trace elements and their mode of occurrence) of coal from various parts of the world and their combustion by-products (fly ash and bottom ash).

Spatial and temporal distribution of trace elements in lake sediments in central Alberta (Canada) as related to the coal-fired power generating activities in the region.

Studying the spatial distribution of metals in unconsolidated stream sediments from the Trail area (British Columbia, Canada), determining the natural background level of metals in sediments, input of metals into the Columbia River, source of metals as related to natural/geogenic vs. anthropogenic activities, and organic petrology/geochemical characteristics of organic matter associated with stream sediments.

Assessment of the natural background level of trace metals and other elements in topsoil for the area surrounding the Teck-Cominco zinc and lead smelter in Trail, British Columbia, Canada.

Survey of the aerial deposition of metals and particulates using passive collection moss monitoring technique in the vicinity of the metal smelter in Trail, British Columbia, Canada.

Studying the distribution of metals in topsoil around the Teck-Cominco zinc and lead smelter in Trail, British Columbia, Canada.

Assessment of the relative contribution of the stack-emission of metals versus metals associated with the fugitive/historical dust for the lead/zinc smelter in Trail (British Columbia) using a diffusion/distribution model and characterization of the emitted particles.

Organic Petrology and geochemistry of the organic matter assemblage in recent lacustrine sediments during the thermal processes of Rock-Eval analysis using organic petrology technique.

Organic Petrology of diatom-derived lipids and chlorophyll within Holocene laminites, Saanich Inlet, British Columbia, using conventional and laser scanning fluorescence microscopy.